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Oral Healthcare at Home, Inc. - the leading provider of home preventive oral health care services and support.

About Oral Healthcare at Home


Founded in 2014 as a Granite State College Capstone Project of Clinical Director, Joan K. Fitzgerald, RDH, BS, CPHDH, Oral Healthcare at Home, Inc. is a Home Healthcare Agency devoted to delivering high quality preventive oral healthcare services to the homebound population living in southern New Hampshire.  


It is widely known from current demographic data that our population is aging in-home and that demand for services there will only increase.  Our providers are licensed and certified public health dental hygienists who work in collaboration with licensed dentists to provide a scope of practice grounded in prevention.


According to a report issued by the American Dental Hygienists' Association titled The Future of Oral Health, "Licensed dental hygienists, by virtue of their comprehensive educaton and clinical proparation, are well prepared to deliver oral health care services to the public, safely and effectively, independent of dental supervision.  In addition, dental hygienists are competent to provide services in a variety of settings more accessible to patients -- residences of the homebound, public health and school-based programs, community clinics and more."


Building on this premise, protecting one's smile and keeping the oral environment healthy throughout life is at the heart of Oral Healthcare at Home, Inc.'s mission.  Our mission is to promote total health through delivering quality preventive oral health care for the homebound in a patient-centered, compassionate and holistic manner.


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